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Finding the right Quartzite Stone can be the perfect addition to a kitchen, bath, fireplace, floor, table, wall cladding or more. Here at Dente Trading, we scour the globe searching for only the finest blocks of Quartzite. We then hand pick these blocks and bring them here to our showrooms located in New Jersey. We ship all over the nation. Browse our current selection online or reach out to us with any questions, we are more than happy to help you find the perfect piece of Quartzite for whatever your needs may be. Please fill out the inquiry form and we will have a dedicated in-house specialist reach out to you as soon as possible, or contact us at (973) 253-4125 to set up a viewing.

Quartzite, a form of granite, is a hard metamorphic rock. Made of sandstone, quartzite is altered by heat and pressure in the ground to form quartzite crystals. The sandstone is transformed into a stronger smoother rock. Streaks and patterns appear where various amounts of pressure bear down on the metamorphosed minerals. Quartzite occurs in various shades of pink and red due to varying amounts of iron oxide. Other colors (such as white or gray) are created from impurities or minor traces of other minerals.

Although Quartzite is a harder rock formation, it is not indestructible. Please be aware that Quartzite requires proper care and maintenance, just like all natural products. Depending on the Quartzite you are using for your countertop, some Quartzite will be more susceptible to etching and staining.